Exhibit B Agency is an independently-owned design agency. Our work is rooted in design, strategy, and film. We partner with brands, agencies, and entrepreneurs to launch their big ideas.

We believe that you cannot be successful as a company without genuine connections to your community.

Our insightful and transparent working methods push us to create deep connections that inspire and bring people together. We are dedicated to creating a culture of content that works for brands.

CEO, Exhibit B Agency

Ashli stands as the visionary behind Exhibit B Agency. Renowned for her unparalleled ability to elevate brands through design. She's also known for turning unconventional ideas into tangible visual narratives. Ashli's expertise lies in pushing beyond the conventional, ensuring each brand not only stands out but speaks its unique language fluently across print and digital platforms.

Beyond her design expertise, Ashli unites and ignites her team towards excellence. Her commitment to creative evolution has paved the way for numerous brands to see their ideas not just launched, but celebrated and recognized.